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  • March, April

    Stages 8–10


    Earth Day

    What can you do to take care of the Earth?

  • Teenagers Taking Action

    Stages 8–10


    Teenagers Taking Action

    In this text, we meet four teenagers from different parts of the world who have found ways to be environmentally friendly.  Unit Focus learning words and expressions to describe environmental problems and solutions reading, writing and talking about environmental challenges and what we as individuals can do about them  gathering information, organising ideas and planning a five paragraph essay

  • Climate Change

    Stages 8–10


    Climate Change

    Unit focus reading, writing and talking about climate change learning vocabulary having to do with climate change, global warming, and natural disasters

  • Meatless Monday

    Stages 8–10


    Meatless Monday

    Anna learns that meat consumption in the world is expected to double from 2000 to 2005 and suggests that the family replace one meal a week with a vegetarian alternative. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea.  Unit Focus practise listening skills taking about sustainable food consumption and environmental problems related to meat production working with idioms

  • Connor’s Conscience

    Stages 8–10


    Connor’s Conscience

    Connor posts about his life on social media, and especially on what he does to be more environmentally friendly.  Unit Focus working with words that are easily confused reading and creating social media texts which combine textual and visual information learning words and expressions having to do with sustainable consumption 

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