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  • Øvingsoppgaver

    Gente 8–10



    Her finner du interaktive øvingsoppgaver til temaet.Her finner du interaktive øvingsoppgaver til temaet.

  • Compras y comida

    Gente 8–10


    ¿Ya sabes?

    Spansk har mange ord som ligner på det engelske eller norske ordet. Hva heter ordene i ordskyen på engelsk og norsk?

  • Useful Words

    Oppgave - useful words

  • 3/5 Issues in the USA

    The spirit of the American Dream is to work hard and dream big.  However, many Americans only see the benefits of the American Dream - for instance, access to education, healthcare and opportunity - on a TV screen.  Study and learn more about issues in the United States, such as racism, born rich, insurance, healthcare, living outside the dream, immigration, undocumented workers, gun control, and so on.  Is the American Dream really for all?

  • 1/5 Prepare to Live and Work in a Global World

    "THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER" and you have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world and achieve anything you wish.  Information and most jobs nowadays include global communication, so explore the world of English world issues global work  

  • 1/5 Fill Your Toolbox

    WELL DONE, you are on your way to becoming  vocational hero!  In a global future, you need English skills work tools learning tools workmates motivation So, ready ... set ... Action. Fill your toolbox!

  • 2/5 Know Your Workmates

    You are going to spend a lot of time together this year. Do various activities to get to know each other better. 

  • 2/5 Language and Culture

    In this chapter part you will learn how CULTURE affects COMMUNICATION. Remember to keep your mind map from part 1/5 open and keep adding key words as you work. Foreigners tend to overdress in Norway Norwegians wear informal clothing in most situations culture affects level of formality of greeting, dressing and behaviour Different expectations can lead to annoyance and insults Always base your langauge on message, receiver and situation Literature to examplify: "The Social Guidebook to Norway" pp 58-59 and "Empty Seat" pp 60-61 Examples of cultural meetings pp 63-65

  • 4/5 English as a Work Language

    "A language becomes a global language because of the power of the people who speak it." - David Crystal (2009) This part will contain material adapted to each of the vocational education and training programmes, including: Cultural meetings The international workplace Vocational vocabulary lists  How to get a job: Soft and hard skills  Job adverts, CV and job application with model texts Job interview (video)

  • 4/5 Work in the UK

    This part will contain material adapted to each of the vocational education and training programmes, including: Keep calm and be polite – useful phrases  Working in the service sector - customer communication How to make good conversations  How to read and create instructions

  • 3/5 Issues in the UK

    Issues in the UK: Class society Teen challenges Extract from Slam by Nick Hornby (2007) Drug abuse in the UK Other current issues

  • Arena 8

    ​ Kapittelprøve 8.1.docx Kapittelprøve 8.5.docx Kapittelprøve 8.6.docx Kapittelprøve 8.8.docx Kapittelprøve 8.10.docx

  • Snakker vi forskjellig?

    I denne filmen snakker Helene Uri om vi snakker forskjellig ut fra hvilket kjønn vi har. Den varer i 2 minutter.

  • Hva er en funksjon?

    Studer bildet under og svar på spørsmålene.

  • Grafen til en funksjon

    Studer bildet under og svar på spørsmålene.

  • Algebraiske uttrykk og formler

    Studer bildet under og svar på spørsmålene.

  • Oppstart

    Del av læringsløpet "Hva mener du?" i Fabel 2.

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